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Personal coaching sessions for young entrepreneurs from 12 to 21 years old

About us
Silicon Valley Camp is different from most online courses designed for young entrepreneurs.

Do you have an idea for a startup, have already participated in business accelerators, pitched a project or assembled a team, but do not know what to do next - 90% of young entrepreneurs face this.

SVC will lead you "by the hand" along the entire chain of obstacles that await young startup founders. The format of individual meetings will provide an opportunity to understand all the intricacies of your business, get answers to questions, test hypotheses, make the first sales, and build a working atmosphere.

Silicon Valley Camp helps you start your business!
Entrepreneur and Founder of Silicon Valley Camp
Ivan Shamaev is a mentor for early-stage startups founded by young entrepreneurs. The developed program helps to create startups from zero to first revenue successfully.

Ivan started his business career at the age of 18. He has over 10 years of experience in banking - he has gone all the way from being a cashier up to serving on the board of directors of a bank. Later, the focus of his development shifted to his own business, the venture market and acceleration programs for the development of early-stage startups, which brought Ivan to Silicon Valley. Ivan holds Ph.D. in Economics.
How to achieve your goals in life?

July 2020, Silicon Valley Camp 
Surprisingly inspiring and accessible Ivan helped me figure out where I can start building my business. It was great to share your ideas and get a detailed breakdown of what still needs to be worked on.
Alexander Pokhomenko, 14
It was a great experience, I was able to create my first collection of clothes with my prints and my website for sale. There are many new ideas and projects that overwhelm me now. I will definitely continue to build my Zara.
Zara Narinyan, 16
I participated in the Silicon Valley Camp program, my project did not become a finalist, but I decided to continue working and personal meetings give me the opportunity to work on my project more efficiently. Ivan answers all questions and introduces me to interesting guys who help me to continue working.
Masha Novomoskovskaya, 13
I am Max, I create my own computer game, invent new characters and do coding. The meetings with Ivan gave me a clear vision of how to build my own real business out of my hobby. Thank you!
Maxim Trubkin, 13
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The main modules of the coaching program
It may vary and be supplemented depending on the students' tasks
Entrepreneurial Inspiration: Finding Yourself and Ideas for Business
Client identification and problems

Finding solutions and creating a product
Business models and unit economics
Advertising & Media & Social Media
Ability to present yourself and the project
First sales and first customer care
How to interest investors and speak the same language with them
How to correctly legalize your business
~ 60 minutes per meeting
1 individual meeting
  • The first 30 minutes meeting is free *
  • The ability to work on a specific topic and get answers to all questions
  • $ 80 $ 0
10 individual meetings
  • Business launch:
  • Customer - Problem - Product - Business model - Marketing strategy
  • access to Silicon Valley Camp programs and community
  • $ 720 $ 640
    Coaching meeting with the startup team
    up to 3 participants
    10 team meetings
    • Business launch:
    • Customer - Problem - Product - Business model - Marketing strategy
    • access to Silicon Valley Camp programs and community
      • $850
    After the purchase, you will be redirected to Ivan's personal calendar where you can choose a convenient time for the first meeting. Meeting times are Monday through Friday from 9 - 11 am and 5 - 8 pm EST.
    Is it ok to schedule the first meeting there is no exact business idea yet?
    Of course! We are confident that you will be able to find your dream and choose the direction of development, learn how problems turn into a successful business, create a product, find the business model and launch your business.
    Where do the meetings take place?
    Meetings are held online through Zoom or Google Meet. If you have chosen the TEAM package, then you will have access to the records of meetings.
    How long is the meeting? Can the date and time be moved?
    Each meeting lasts up to 1 hour. If you can't come to the meeting, you can change the time and date no later than 24 hours prior to the meeting.
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