Our synthetic voices sound genuinely human, and enable faster turnaround at a fraction of the cost of traditional dubbing. And our team of translators check every word.
Making videos from all over the world accessible in any language

Discover the faster, more affordable way to go global with your existing video content
How It Works
Submit your existing video content for translation and voiceover
We automatically transcribe, translate, and create human-sounding voiceover
Our team verifies the quality and make any necessary adjustments
You receive a dubbed version of the video with a 99+% quality translation.

The maximum file size is 128 GB
The maximum length is 12 hours
Other videos:

Formats: .mov, .mpeg, .avi, .wmv, .mpegps, .flv, .webM, .3GPP
No length restrictions
minimum price for high-quality translation services
100% satisfaction guaranteed
any language
from $0.75
from 100h
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With our advanced technologies, you can easily obtain top-notch video translations in over 50+ languages. This enables you to effectively share your videos with the world, conveying all the narratives, ideas, and information within.
We provide the choice to either upload your own transcription for the video or utilize our service to manually improve the initial transcription. This guarantees a translation quality of 99-100% delivered within 24 hours.
Our translation software is the product of extensive resource allocation, aimed at delivering top-notch quality and speed. As a result, you can have a minute of the original video translated and dubbed in just about two minutes.
No more complex contracts, expensive studio equipment, or the need for multiple professionals such as dubbing artists, sound engineers, and translators.
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Alex Chava
TRANS is an exceptional automatic video translation service that truly stands out from the competition. The platform offers highly accurate translations with minimal errors, even when dealing with complex or technical content.
Otexe LLC, Founder&CEO
George Lloyd
The platform provides deep translation capabilities, allowing users to generate subtitles or dubbing for their videos. TRANS supports a wide range of languages, allowing users to cater to a diverse global audience in the Enterprise package.
TWA, Manager
Max Zwiss
TransLingua is a game-changer in the world of automatic video translation services. The accuracy and precision with which it translates video content are truly impressive. With TRANS, language barriers become a thing of the past, making it an invaluable tool for content creators, businesses, and individuals alike.
Birds CO, CEO
Margaret Plath
The service offers accurate translations and provides a variety of options, including subtitles, captions, and voiceovers. TRANS supports a wide range of languages, making it an excellent choice for global audiences.
BAAZAR, Production head
Start translating your video with us today!
Get the first 2h of translated video for free
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